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383 Canalside House, Ladbroke Grove, London

The Amethyst Foundation

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Welcome to our charity!

Established in 1999  The Amethyst Foundation, formally known as ‘The Light house project’ is a

Christian  Charitable organisation, based in London, UK and set up to provide support through research, resources and funds to projects serving the needs of parents who have a child with a health and wellbeing need. Our vision is to make a difference in the lives of families facing family emotional, Health and Wellness concerns.


We hope to build, strengthen and preserve the family through care and support packages.


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  • Help us to reach thousands families who struggle to cope when raising  one or more children with a child with multiple health needs.

  • Help us to recruit a small team of staff with social media and technology skills to make communication easier for hard to reach families.

  • Help us to run a helpline service, Local Groups and Local Contacts to be provide emotional support to distress parents.

  • Help us to appeal on behalf of projects we support: Auto immune deficiency, hypersensitivity, speech & language needs and family welfare and safeguarding,to local radio stations and local newspaper outlets.

  • Help us Produce a wide range of well-respected publications for parents/carers and professionals. 

  • Help us to Develop innovative volunteer activities designed to enable busy parents and carers to get involved with projects , to support more families and alleviate isolation and loneliness.

  • Help us to Establish the first in-service skills training centre for Young people with learning needs to develop the skills required for the world of work.

  • Help us to continue running programme's and support groups, information service and UK respite breaks for Parents and Families.

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Please send cheques made payable to 

The Amethyst Foundation

383 Canalside House

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London W10 5AA


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The Amethyst Foundation

Account no: 30964968

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Projects  we  support

Amethyst Parent Friends

Supports parents who have a child with Speech and Language Needs.

Services We Provide:

  • Befriending

  • Family Breaks

  • Parent Workshop & Events

  • Information

Amethyst The Allergy Tree

Supports parents who have a child with an auto- immune deficiency I.e. Asthma, Eczema and food allergies.

Services We Provide: 

  • Information signposting

  • Family Workshops and conferences

Amethyst Anchor

Supporting families who need emotional support.

Service provisions:

  • Christian counselling and group therapy

  • Emotional healing programmes

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